Watford City Elementary School

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  • If you are requesting records, please do not fax the district office. Instead, please fax the appropriate school using the fax numbers below: 


    For the present time, our Watford City Elementary School has 2 locations: the Elementary School and the Intermediate School. This configuration will change for the 20-21 school year as the second Elementary School (Fox Hills) opens and there will be two Elementary Schools that house K-5th Grade. 

    Watford City Elementary School (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)

    300 Third Street SE Watford City ND 58854

    Phone: 701-444-3626 Option 4

    Fax: 701-444-2986

    Watford City Intermediate Elementary School (3rd Grade - 5th Grade)

    100 Third Street NE Watford City ND 58854

    Phone: 701-444-3626 Option 3

    Fax: 701-444-3612