• Breakfast

    K-12: $2.25

    Adults: $2.90


    K-5: $3.25

    6th-8th Grade: $3.35

    9th-12th Grade: $3.45

    Adults: $4.35




    Qualified Free and Reduced Meal Prices: 

    Breakfast $ 0

    Lunch $ 0

Grab-and-Go for the Middle School & High School

  • Grades 6-12 will be offered grab-and-go items at an additional cost.  All grab-and-go items are an additional charge even if you qualify for free or reduced meals.  Families may choose to turn off the ability to charge grab-and-go items if you wish.  Please contact the district office or Becky Kaufman, Food Service Manager at Becky.Kaufman@k12.nd.us if you would like to turn off that ability.