• Health Services

    School Nurses

    Ashley Abbe

    Ashley Abbe

    Badlands Elementary and Watford City Middle School 



    Laine Hasper-Bittle

    Laine Hasper-Bittle

    Fox Hills Elementary and Watford City High School



    What Can A School Nurse Do? 

    A school nurse can: 

    • Administer specialized services to students (medications insulin pumps, tube feedings, ventilator care)
    • Verify immunization records
    • Provide screening and make referrals for vision and hearing
    • Provide professional health input and direction for school and community policies and programs
    • Identify and treat accidents and injuries
    • Manage students with chronic conditions such as diabetes, seizure disorders, allergies and asthma
    • Counsel students about physical and emotional issues


    5 Ways A School Nurse Benefits A School

    1. Increases Attendance

    School nurses improve attendance through health promotion, disease prevention, and disease management.

    2. Improves Academic Scores

    Improved attendance means the healthy student is in the classroom ready to learn.

    3. Saves Time

    A school nurse in the building saves principals, teachers, and secretarial staff a considerable amount of time that they would spend addressing health concerns of students. 

    4. Staff Wellness

    A school nurse in the building can promote self-care among principals, teachers and support staff.

    5. Preparedness

    A school nurse can train staff for emergency situations. 

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