• Need to know when and where your child's bus will pick up? 

    For those that have registered your student(s) to ride the bus, you can get pick up times by using the bus stop locator. Click on it below and once that loads, type in your address without any building or apartment numbers and a red + will come up on the map and that will tell you the pickup times and bus number. PM drop off times will come after September 1st and Late Start Pickup times will be available after October 1st.


    Click Bus Stop Locator below to find the location of your bus stop. This is an interactive map tool where you can find the planned times for pickup and drop off for your student. If your stop has a #1 or a #2 this means your stop is a stacked stop and the bus will come twice. #1 means Elmenetary School Pickup and #2 means Middle School and High School Pickup.  

    Click here for the Bus Stop Locator