• What are EL services? 

    The school district uses a model of instruction for EL that focuses on academic English needed to be successful in the classroom. It involves direct, pull-out services and push-in, collaborative services. 


    Who qualifies as an EL?

    Students qualify as English Learners if they have a language other than English in their background and are not proficient in academic English as determined by an assessment.


    About English Learners

    Contact Information: 

    Mari Rasmussen

    English Learner District Coordinator

    Mari Rasmussen


    Click here to visit the Website for the District Coordinator


    Bilingual Family Liaison (Translator)

    Maria Rios




    Laurie Travis

    Fox Hills English Learning Teacher

    Laurie Travis 



    Melinda Doud

    Badlands Elementary English Learning Teacher

    Melinda Doud  



    Jennifer Jones

    Middle School English Learning Teacher

    Jennifer Jones 



    High School English Learning Teacher

    Adam Tang