• The second quarter has started and we are already one-fourth of the way through our school year.  It has been a good start to our 2021-2022 school year and looking forward to a great second quarter as we work toward the end of the first semester.  Parent teacher conferences are here and we hope to experience high attendance rates and an opportunity to visit with parents/guardians about their student’s education and general feedback.  We distributed a survey several weeks ago to gain perspective from families on their preferred communication methods and distribution in an effort to continually improve our communication with families.  The school district is also looking for opportunities to involve parents/guardians at the building level either through focus groups or committees to answer questions and address issues of importance for our district families.  If you are interested in participating in any of these opportunities, please contact a building office and visit with a building administrator for more information.  As a parent/guardian, you are an integral part of our efforts to improve the educational experience for our students and we value your questions and perspective on any school or activity related concerns. 

    One of the most critical strategic initiatives included in our current strategic plan is academic excellence and goal number one of that initiative is to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum to all students in all content areas and courses.  This effort is to ensure students of MCPSD #1 are taught content that aligns with the state standards and provides them the best opportunities for success after graduation.  With our enrollment growth over the past several years and the changes in staff and configuration; consistency in our curriculum across the grade levels and school district has been a challenge.  Our new strategic plan clearly outlines academic excellence as our main focus and to develop a viable curriculum and necessary resources to ensure all students experience high quality curriculum and instruction K-12.  We are proud of the quality of professional and support staff provided in our school district; efforts to promote a guaranteed and viable curriculum will ensure staff have the direction and resources to ensure higher levels of proficiency and achievement currently and into the future.  The school district will be providing families and the community progress updates as we see increases in our achievement levels and overall proficiency of students in reading, mathematics, and general content areas.  With this focus, changes also occurred in our grading systems and practices to better align our grading structure and outcomes on our state assessment.  If you have questions on these changes or outcomes, please contact myself or a building administrator for more information. 

    Lastly, this time of year will soon bring focus to weather and possible travel issues as we work through our winter season.  As a reminder, the school district will notify parents by 6:15 AM, unless unforeseen circumstances, of any delays or changes to the school calendar due to weather or road conditions.  With our large geographic school district, there can often be dramatic variances in the weather or road conditions from one corner of our school district to another.  In these cases, some routes may be cancelled while others run and school remains on time.  You will be notified by Harlow’s in such cases and please check the website for information and class schedules if school delays are implemented.  Student safety is our priority, however, some winters may provide a significant number of days of which conditions are not ideal and we make accommodations with slower travel or modified pick-up spots.  It is important to maintain our schedule, if possible, as we strive to also keep our students safe.  If you are uncomfortable sending your child on a day weather is a challenge; you have the right to keep your child and notify the office of your concerns.  You will not be penalized for such decisions and we will work with you on makeup work or getting to school later in the school as weather permits.  If you have any questions or concerns on bus transportation, please let me know as we work with Harlow’s on our bus service and overall transportation system. 

    We continue to appreciate all the support of our community and families.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out so we can address them accordingly.  Thank you and have a good November.