•             It is difficult to imagine, however, we are approaching the end of 2021 this month and the last newsletter of this calendar year.  In many ways, due to the unique challenges of 2020 and 2021, we eagerly await 2022 and hopefully the positive surprises it has in store for us.  From the school district perspective, we are heading into 2022 with great optimism and enthusiasm!  With the many successes and challenges experienced the last several months, we have learned much about student achievement and values of student engagement and social interactions as part of the educational experience.  We have focused our efforts with the recent strategic plan to ensure we are meeting the academic and social/emotional needs of all students in our school district and provide a clear pathway for success.  While learning loss was part of the challenges of the past two years with distance learning and extended absences, we are focusing on the present and future in establishing benchmarks and goals over the next several years to reach the lofty academic goals set for our students.   

                To provide the best possible educational experience for students, we need cooperation and consistent communication with our families to ensure we are aligned with expectations and responsibilities at each level.  Parent and family engagement is a critical area with our new strategic plan and, along with general community involvement, remain a focus of the school district with the challenge to define and articulate it at a high level.  Many perceive involvement and engagement with their school district in different ways, which also creates challenges in meeting the expectations of all parents and community members.  Technology provides many new options to engage large volumes of people, however, we also recognize the limitations of technology and the value of face-to-face and direct conversations to avoid confusion or misinformation.  The school district is actively seeking opportunities to expand our methods of engaging and involving parents, family, and community in the expectations and education of our students.  With busy parent lives and schedules, we have struggled to obtain high participation rates with parent or community nights in the past to address specific school issues.  However, we remain open to suggestions and adapting to new platforms of which to maintain communication and family input into the educational experience for our students.  Education remains a locally driven activity and we encourage participation in the process at all levels as we reflect our community needs and values in our education system. 

                December is a busy month with activities and performances in our school buildings.  We encourage families and community members to attend school events and see our students performing in a variety of areas from the arts to athletic teams.  As part of the educational experience and encouraging student engagement, we are strongly promoting students of all grade levels participate in our clubs and activities as much as possible.  Our activities are designed to build character and resiliency as part of our vision for well-rounded students.  The high school goal, specifically, is to have every student involved in an extra-curricular or co-curricular activity of some nature.  Please help to support students in their efforts outside the classroom by promoting and attending our school events; students appreciate the community support and attendance at their events. 

                Please feel free to reach out to myself or building administration to share thoughts on how to improve our connections and communications with families and community members moving forward.  We share a common goal in wanting our future generations to prosper and experience success after high school and we can meet this goal together.

                Thank you again for your support and best wishes for the upcoming holiday season.