• The school district has recently completed its accreditation review through Cognia which is part of a required process through the Department of Public Instruction.  The purpose of this process is to allow for an external visitation team to visit the school district and assess its proficiency and achievement toward standards established by Cognia consistent with successful school districts and student achievement.  While the main focus is to provide accreditation assurance; a primary outcome is to allow education professionals to review evidence and participate in focus groups to give the school district feedback as to how it can improve and better meet its stated mission and goals.  The review is conducted over four days by a team of four professionals from various school districts across the state or region.  Cognia is a national organization that conducts school accreditation reviews for thousands of school districts on an annual basis.  The process is a five-year cycle involving the full on-site review and annual reporting to coincide with the review process. 

    The school district is awaiting the full report from the Cognia visitation; however, the initial report was very positive and reinforced the strategic plan currently in place and the school district’s progress towards its stated goals.  The school district certainly has challenges ahead, however, the review team recognized the efforts taking place and the focus present in meeting the strategic plan goals and objectives.  The visitation involved many levels of focus groups that included students, parents, community and business leaders, as well as school personnel and board members which are used in the review and final report.  The school district has certainly seen its share of challenges the last 10+ years; however, the school district is entering the next 5 years with a proactive mindset and transition to meet the next level of challenges ahead.  The school district has a dedicated staff of employees to work toward its goals and continues to appreciate the support provided by parents and the community to ensure our students have access to a world class education. 

    The process of school improvement is one that never ends and is continuous in nature.  The lofty goals of student achievement and school climate can experience levels of success, however, there is always room for improvement given the human nature of education.  The school district will take the feedback provided in this review and continue to work toward the goals and objectives outlined in the current strategic plan.  The process of receiving input and feedback from our students, parents, and community is ongoing and remains an area of which the school district targets to improve.  Collaboration remains a key component of success with all our stakeholders at all levels.  While we are proud of our accomplishments to date, we continue to look ahead and pursue improvement on all levels with a focus on student achievement and preparedness for their post-graduation lives.

    Thank you for your continued support and please consider participation in any future opportunities to provide feedback on our efforts.