• On a Roll student write ups: 


    Lucas Paulson, the son of  Craig and Katie Paulson, credits his parents for his good character. “They always want me to do my best and be a good person and they lead me in the right direction.” Lucas offers us this piece of advice, “If you’re willing to do what others won’t, you will be able to do what others can’t.” When it comes to Lucas’s future plans, he states, “I don’t have one yet.” Staff members had this to say about Lucas:


    Lucas is a great student and does a good job on all his assignments.

    Lucas has taken an interest in FFA and has excelled immeasurably. He is already someone I can count on and I am so excited to see him grow through the next few years.

    Hailey Lynch, the daughter of Keeley Lynch, credits her mom with her character. She states, “She’s always there for me.” Hailey’s piece of advice is, “to just love everyone and always be kind.” After high school, Hailey plans to go to college as soon as she graduates. Staff members had this to say about Hailey:


    Hailey has shown a lot of determination this Fall and has been "on a roll" to keep up her grades. Her upbeat attitude helps her "stay on top of things". She always has a smile to share. Hailey has done a SPECTACULAR job of self-advocating when she's needing some extra support in her school work! You go girl!

    Hailey is always respectful and is well-behaved.


    Francis Metcalf, the son of Francis and Sarah Metcalf, states that his girlfriend has influenced his character. “My girlfriend, she inspires me to not only be a better student, but a better person.” Francis has this piece of advice to offer, “Even when the going gets tough, you gotta buckle down and get it done.” After high school, Francis plans to attend Lynns Welding School in Bismarck, ND. Staff members had this to say about Francis:


    Francis has really stepped it up this year and has refocused on his school work. It is awesome to see Francis working hard.

    Francis has really impressed me this year. His work ethic and attitude is a shining example of what hard work and determination can do!


    Jace Brown, the son of Michelle Wagoner, credits his friends for his good character. When it comes to future plans, Jace wants to work on the farm. Staff members had this to say about Jace:


    Jace has a great attitude! He works hard and is a good friend to his classmates. I miss having him in class.

    What can I say about Jace? He always has a smile on his face and says good morning to me every morning. He is a joy to be around