• Quarter 1:


    Emma Arnold, the daughter of Lowana and Thad Arnold, states, “My parents have influenced me to exhibit the ABC characteristics. My parents have always told me to try my best and to keep trying in every situation. When it comes to advice, Emma has this to offer, “A valuable piece of advice I have received is to try your best. When you try your best, you know you did well. Another piece of advice is to always keep a positive mindset.” After high school, Emma plans to attend college to become an elementary school teacher. Staff members had this to say about Emma:


    Congratulations Emma! Keep up the good work and for being such a shining example of a "great student" here at WCHS!!

    Emma is wonderful to have in class. She is already displaying evidence that her four years of school here are going to be full of achievement and effort. I appreciate her dedication to both academics and athletics and I foresee her winning this award several times before her high school career is over.


    Hub McDonnell, the son of Robert McDonnell and Katie Barber, states, “My dad has influenced me to exhibit the ABC’s by expecting me not to leave a job half done.” When it comes to advice, Hub has this to say, “Use your common sense!” As far as future plans, Hub states, “I have no idea, but I know I will be paying bills and taxes.” Staff members had this to say about Hub:


    Hub is one of the best students I have ever encountered in ten years of teaching. He always participates and is always well-mannered. He goes above and beyond the call of duty.

    Hub is extremely dedicated to his academics. He is diligent and gives maximum effort on all assignments. I am very appreciative of his effort thus far.


    Abby Ryberg, the daughter of J.R. and Bridget Ryberg, credits her whole family when it comes to influencing her character. “When I think of someone who has influenced me, I think of my whole family in general, who have helped me become who I am today. My grandparents have shown me how to love life, my aunts have shown me how to never give up, my uncles have shown me how to take chances, and my parents taught me that it is alright to make mistakes and grow from them.” When it comes to advice, Abby offers the following, “Someone once told me that life goes by fast, so take every opportunity you can.” After highschool, Abby would like to go to college, then make her way to opening her own dance studio. Staff members had this to say about Abby:


    Congratulations Abby!! I love that you have grabbed WCHS by the horns and become a leader! Keep up the good work, young lady, and enjoy high school. You're a shining example of a "great student". Always be proud of yourself!!!

    Abby is a dedicated student and a hard-working athlete. Just like T Swift, Abby has a very positive impact on the people around her and uses that positiveness to lead. Abby is a leader for her classmates and team. When Abby sees a job that needs to get done, she will step up and get it done.


    Darbie Moberg, the daughter of Tyrell and Tessa Moberg, states that her  parents are the reason for her character. “They have taught me to be resilient in times when the circumstances don’t turn out exactly the way I want them to. They have inspired me to be excellent both in my academics and athletics and have supported me both in wins and losses. My parents have always pushed me to excel in academics, which are preparing me for my future. Thank you mom and dad!” Darbie has this piece of advice to offer. “Commit to the process of being the best version of yourself everyday.” Darbie plans to attend college after high school. Staff members had this to say about Darby:


    Outgoing, fun to talk to, and her presence makes the classroom environment brighter. She is a great listener and a great student.

    I cannot accurately describe how awesome it is to have Darbie in class. She is good natured and always eager to laugh with her classmates, while also willing to laugh at herself and her own foibles. In class she always can be counted on to do a great job on her assignments. Darbie is also an eager contributor to class discussions and she will definitely make sure that the teacher keeps to the schedule. I appreciate having Darbie in class and am excited she has earned this award.


    Katie Olson, the daughter of Kirk and Heidi Olson, credits her parents for her character. “My parents inspire me to push to do my best, to never give up even when it is a bad day and to push to see the good in it, and they help me set goals for the future.” When it comes to advice, Katie states, “My advice that can help others is to believe in yourself, have fun, and don’t be scared.” After high school Katie plans to attend the University of Mary to obtain a degree in nursing and then go on to get her Master’s specializing in Pediatrics.  Staff members had this to say about Katie:


    She is a good listener and works very hard in class. She strives for excellence in all of her assignments and is fun to have in class.

    Katie is an excellent student and athlete. She is kind, pleasant and respectful of both teachers and peers. She aspires to excellence in all that she does and her determination to succeed is inspiring!


    Amelia Wisness, the daughter of Beau and Heather Wisness, states, “My cousins have influenced me to exhibit the ABC characteristics because they are good students, athletes, and people. They are leaders in their school and on the court. They have taught me to be kind to everyone and work hard for what you want.” Amelia’s advice she believes that everyone should receive is “keep a good attitude and have fun even when the situation is not ideal.” After high school Amelia wants to go to college, but she doesn't know what for yet. Staff members had this to say about Amelia:


    Sharp as a tack. Always astute. She learns information very quickly. You never have to ask Amelia to stay on task. She asks great questions and is a joy to have in class.

    Amelia is a bright and energetic student who serves as a role model for others. She is always willing to speak out on challenging topics and is a terrific model of saying and taking the responsible approach. She is wonderful to have in class because of her leadership and dedication to learning.


    Kashus Baker, the son of Kelly Baker and the grandson of Barbara Pegg, states, “My grandma, Barb, has helped me develop my ABC due to everything she has done for me. She works through everything thrown at her. She is very important to the ranch and our family. She’s taught me to work through every obstacle and find a way to improve from it. Without her, I would not be the person I am today.” When it comes to advice, Kashus has this to offer, “The most valuable piece of advice I have heard is from my dad. He said, ‘Never be complacent with where you’re at.’ That taught me to never soak in achievement, and try to get better than that. This advice has guided a lot of the choices I make today.” After high school, Kashus plans on joining the Marines. “A lot of my family served, and they are the people I strive to be. I feel it will help me with my character, and strengthen my work ethic. My plan is to try to make a career out of it if possible.” Staff members had this to say about Kashus:


    Great listener and asks very good questions. It was clear from day 1 that Kashus would be a good student by his attentiveness. I have continued to be more impressed every day that Kashus comes to class. Great student and he is a big part of why teaching is worth it.

    Kashus is an excellent student. He does phenomenal college level work on all assignments. He is never a distraction in class and always poses intelligent questions. He is a true pleasure to have in class and definitely a student we should celebrate here.


    Hailey Wendlandt, the daughter of Jordan and Crystal Wendlandt, notes that her parents have influenced her character. “They have always told me to put all my effort into what I do and be the best I can be.” A piece of advice from Hailey is, “If you have to go to school for eight hours a day, you may as well get something out of it.” Hailey is unsure what her plans after high school will be, but currently she is planning to go to Willistorn for her generals and then maybe transfer for a K-5 teaching degree. Staff members had this to say about Hailey:


    Hailey is a great student. She is a great listener, is a positive presence in the classroom, and helps other students be successful. She completes all assignments on time and thoroughly and that shows a clear understanding of the subject.

    Hailey is an excellent student and really great to have in class. She is an eager participant in class discussions and is very focused on her goals. Congratulations Hailey.


    Eldon Lambert, the son of Eldon and Dianna Lambert, credits his mom for his character. “Someone who has influenced me based on the ABCs of Watford City High School is my mom. She is an incredibly hard worker, having the highest level of education out of anyone in my family, and has gone through many challenges in her life but still never gave up. She is the type of person I want to be.” Eldon has this advice to offer, “I think I have learned that, don't spend your time living in what you could have done. Face what you have done, learn from it, and move forward.” Eldon’s future plans are to go to college and he is currently highly considering getting his bachelors of science in nursing and becoming a registered nurse. One other career path Eldon is considering is going to medical school to become a forensic pathologist, and working in a coroner's office as a medical examiner. Staff members had this to say about Eldon:


    Eldon's gentle nature and kind demeanor make him an excellent choice for student of the quarter. Academically, Eldon excels and he uses his gifts outside of school to bless others, by working as a CNA at the nursing home. He has been an absolute joy to have in class!

    Eldon is so awesome! He is kind to teachers and students, and he is intelligent and hard working. Even though Eldon is new to Watford City he has been welcoming to other new students and I know he has made such a positive impact on them.


    Kree Hartel, the daughter of Justin and Angie Hartel, states, “The people who have influenced me to exhibit the ABC characteristics are my parents. They taught me to work hard and they always push me to do my best.” When it comes to advice, Kree advises this, “Make the most of your time in high school because it goes by faster than you think.” This next year, Kree plans to attend NDSU and study accounting. Staff members had this to say about Kree:


    Kree's intelligence, attentiveness, and work ethic will allow her to achieve whatever goal she has in life. She's one of a kind and the sky's the limit for her. I am very lucky to have a student like Kree in my class.

    Kree might be a genius. If that's not enough, she also works hard. Intelligence + hard work? She's unstoppable!


    Maci Comstock, the daughter of Mark and Ruth Comstock, states, “Someone who has influenced me is my sister Haley because she has shown me how to be a leader and that hard work pays off. A valuable piece of advice I have received is to always be kind to others. You never know what people are going through so just a simple compliment can make someone's day.” Maci’s future plans after high school are to attend a four-year university, but she is currently undecided about a major. Staff members had this to say about Maci:


    Maci was very fun to have in class. She is a good listener, is respectful, is positive, and works hard.

    Yeah, Maci! You can always count on Maci to be giving it her all. I don't think "good enough" is in her vocabulary. She pays attention to details and is driven to do everything she does exceptionally well. She may be quiet but her actions are loud! Through her actions she shows others what kindness, dedication, and, of course, hard work all look like.


    Chloe Gronos, the daughter of Jeff and Julie Gronos, states, “My Grandma has influenced me to exhibit the ABC characteristics as she strives to be the best person she can be while being brave and resilient during hard times and committing to working hard in life by always helping others.” When dishing out advice, Chloe believes the following is essential. “When reaching for the last piece of chocolate in her purse, ‘Eat the chocolate you are going to die anyway’ - my grandma (meaning take chances, don't be afraid to make mistakes and enjoy the ride).” Chloe plans to attend an in-state university to pursue a career that aligns with her  goals. What career that is, she does not know, but she is sure one day she will figure it out.  Staff members had this to say about Chloe:


    Congratulations Chloe!! You're a fighter and your never give-up attitude has been proven time and time again. You're a great example of an outstanding student here at WCHS and deserve this award!! Keep smiling Chloe.

    Already this year Chloe has blown me away with her creativity and intelligence. I have always viewed her as a smart kid but, wow! The work I have seen from her makes me excited to be a teacher. On top of being intelligent, Chloe is so nice to everyone. She greets her peers by name everyday upon entering my room.