• Advanced placement courses are available at Watford City High School. These courses are more rigorous than traditional courses and meet the requirements through the College Board. Students choosing AP classes should carefully consider the added amount of classwork and homework before choosing the course. Students planning to attend college will greatly benefit from the AP courses. In the spring, students can elect to take the AP exam given in the course they took during the school year. AP courses are challenging and require significant study time on a daily basis. Assessments in these classes require sophisticated critical thinking skills. In May of each year, AP students take the AP exam(s). Students who score at the 3, 4 or 5 level may be able to earn college credit for these courses taken in the high school. Policies for credit differ from college to college, so take care to check college admissions and credit policies. Beginning in 2016, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction started a program to assist in paying the fees for the AP exams--