• Intermediate School Now Piloting Raptor System

    There is now a Raptor system in use for the next time you visit the Intermediate School. What exactly is a Raptor system you may be wondering? Principal Foss explains, "The Raptor system is a visitor management system now being piloted by the Intermediate School. Upon your visit, you'll stop by the office and the system will make a quick scan of your driver’s license. The system will scan for sex offenders and custody agreements and will help our schools be a safer place for all of the students. The intermediate school will be piloting this system for a few months and then a decision will be made on whether the district should invest in the system for the whole district." 

    If you wish to receive further information on the Raptor System, there is an informational sheet at the front desk of the Intermediate School. 

    Raptor Technologies is now in use at the Intermediate School