McKenzie County Public School District #1 Transportation Department

    Harlow's Bus Service

    908 4th Ave NE

    Watford City, ND 58854

    Phone: 701-444-3626 Option #6

    Fax: 701-444-6345


    • Bus registration for the 24-25 school year is now open. Please click on the "Online transportation request form" link to the left of this page. Please register by July 13th for guaranteed first day of service. Any registrations after July 13th will take up to 30 days to get onto a bus. 


    • Harlow's will be utilizing Bus Bulletin again for the 24-25 school year to notify you via text message of any changes to your child's route! For example: your bus is running late, there's an accident and so on. Parents/Guardians, there is nothing you need to do for this program; this is just a general announcement that you will get these notifications!


    • Pick up times are available on the bus stop locator. Click on bus stop locator on the left hand side of this webpage. Once the map loads, type in your address. If your building has a letter or number on it you will need to include that on your address (ex. 1234 7th Ave NE A) No apt numbers needed. A red plus sign will come up on the map and that will tell you pick up time. Drop off times will be available 2 weeks after school starts and late start pick up times will be available further into the school year.

Why do we use Z Pass?

  • Harlow’s and the school district would like to give the parents a better understanding of why we use Z pass and give the parents peace of mind that your child’s safety on the bus before and after school is a priority.

    The Z-pass is used as a GPS for your student when they ride the bus. It is not a pass just to get on and off the bus. Our office uses this system, 5-8 times a day to find if a student got on a bus, got off the bus, got off at a wrong stop, help find a missing child, or the parent didn’t get their notification that their student swiped on or off the bus. Please see the transportation page under z pass policy on the school’s website to see how you can set up notification with your child’s card. 

    Ideas to help your child hang on to their Z Pass:

    The lanyard given with your child’s z pass is what we have found in the 10 years of having Z pass that works for most students. You know your child the best. If you have something else that will work for them, we encourage you to use it. 

    When we collect the z passes at the end of the year, and your child has their own lanyard or protector on their card, we do not remove it. We keep what the parent has provided on/with the z pass. It will be returned in the fall. 

    If your child is having issues with the lanyard or they can’t keep it tied to their backpack, here are some tips to help:

    • If you put the z pass card in the front pocket of their backpack, it will scan through the fabric-if your child leaves it in the pocket and not play with it.

    • Plastic protectors are free - just ask the driver for one.

    • If the lanyard string or holder brakes, you can make the slit in the protector a little bigger and thread the brake-a-way of the lanyard through the hole to tie it to the backpack.

    • Do not punch a hole in the card. the card has wires running through it for it to scan. if the wire is broken the card will not scan and you will need to pay for a replacement.

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