• About Our School

    Fox Hills Elementary School is committed to creating a school where individual student needs are recognized and every member of the school experiences success within an atmosphere of warmth, mutual respect and caring. Staff and parents believe that through working together as a team, they can ensure the very best education for all children.


    Fox Hills Elementary School

    2610 Wolves Den Parkway Watford City ND 58854

    Phone: 701-444-3626 Option #4

    Fax: 701-444-3166


    Our Vision:

    To provide a safe and caring environment that empowers students to exhibit the determinations and resiliency to meet high-quality and relevant curriculum challenges. 


    We are committed to: 

    • Establishing a school culture of acceptance and respect in which all students can learn and grow. 
    • Providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum to prepare all students for success.
    • Developing teachers with quality instructional practices to engage students in 21st-century skills. 
    • Providing high levels of accountability and continuous improvement through data utilization. 
    • Supporting student well-being through social-emotional learning opportunities.
    • Providing a comprehensive program of extra-and co-curricular activities.


    Our Mission: 

    Empower every student to succeed today and into the future.