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    On a Roll : This award recognizes individuals who have made positive changes in their lives. They exhibit the Watford Way: A - Aspire to Excellence, B - Be Resilient, and C - Commit to the Future. They may have had an obstacle or two in their way, but they didn’t let that hold them down. They are inspiring and deserve to be honored. 



    Isaac Wolff, the son of Patricia and Jacob Wolff, credits his dad with his character. “I think the person that has influenced me is my dad because he has taught me everything I know.” When considering characteristics, Isaac believes trustworthiness is essential. “To have trustworthiness with someone, for example your teachers, can get you more access to things and maybe more help on assignments.” 


    Clayton Macklin, the son of Teresa Macklin, credits his grandpa, Harry Sharp, with influencing his character. “I spent a lot of time with him when I was little and I always looked up to him growing up.”  Clayton goes on to state, “Trustworthiness is important because when someone can be trusted it gives you peace of mind that you have someone in your corner and that has your back.” 


    Jasiah Norton, the grandson of Laura and Rocky Norton, received this recognition due to his character and his ability to always work hard and complete the task at hand. 


    Bren McClellan, the son of Melissa and Brass McClellan, credits Mr. Burgman as being a major influence on his character. “Dale Burgman has been one of my biggest influences throughout my high school career due to him being understanding, and his ability to put himself in his students’ mindsets. He has done everything to help me even when I didn’t want to help myself. He helped to give me the extra push I needed to believe in myself in school. He is also able to sit down and have an enjoyable conversation about anything.” Bren believes trustworthiness to be an essential characteristic. “Being trustworthy is an important trait to have in your daily life because it allows you to have a better attitude and overall outlook on life. Having the feeling or trust and respect from those around me makes waking up in a good mood easy.” 

Six High School students who were award quarter three students of the Quarter.
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    Students of the Quarter Write Ups

    Students of the Quarter model the Watford Way: A - Aspire to Excellence, B - Be Resilient, and C - Commit to the Future. They model strong character and help to create a positive climate. These students deserve to be celebrated. 


    Waylon Smith, the son of Lindsay Jones and Shane Johnson, stated, “All my friends and family and friends are definitely a part of my success and are very much to thank, but the most influential role model in my life is my mom. She always does her best to do things in the best interest of me and my future, even if that means she has to sacrifice something in the interest of herself. She has been so supportive of me and is always guiding me in the right direction. I wouldn’t be the person I am without her.” Waylon believes many characteristics to be essential, but he believes that kindness is the most important. “If you can’t give kindness, you can’t properly receive it, which leaves you with nothing. You can be the smartest, wealthiest, most famous person alive, but if kindness is not a part of the process then none of it means anything. One of my favorite quotes that relates to this and I think about and live by every day is: ‘Never be so kind you forget to be clever, but never be so clever you forget to be kind’ - Taylor Swift.”


    Anthony Thornburg, son of Amanda Anderson and Kenneth Garber, stated, “My inspiration comes from Miss Vicky, Miss Kathy K., Miss Heather, Miss Cathy C., Miss Diane, and all of the other paras.” Anthony loves being in high school. “My favorite subjects are FACS and science.”


    Danielle Nusz, the daughter of Marievic and David Nusz, believes Chloe Gronos has influenced her character. “She always pushes me to do my best. Chloe is there for me through all of my struggles and achievements. She’s a great role model and I look up to her with the utmost respect. Chloe is excellent, Chloe is resilient, and Chloe commits to the future. Her aspirations to enter the medical field have inspired me to take a similar route. She has helped me find myself. Thank you Chloe.” Danielle believes determination to be an important characteristic. “As long as you have a consistent drive to accomplish your goals, you can do anything you want, whether you have skill or not.”


    Kenzy Kuchenbuch, the daughter of LaRee and Jesse Kuchenbuch, stated, “My mom influenced me. She works so hard for everything. She never gives up on whatever she is doing and I want to be just like her when I’m older.” When examining essential characteristics, Kenzy points to kindness. “It’s important to be kind to everyone. Just being kind to someone can make someone's day, and that is why being kind is so important.”


    Chloe Gonos, the daughter of Julie and Jeff Gronos, stated, “I think a lot of people have inspired me to exhibit the ABC characteristics. My mother and father have always pushed me to always try my best and to be resilient when going through a struggle.” Chloe believes kindness to be essential. “I think that kindness is very important because you never know what someone is going through and providing them with someone they can count on leaves an impact.” 


    Sylvia Boekelman, the daughter of Kalie and Stacy Boekelman, stated, “Outside of the school, my mom has always been positive and kind to others. She taught me to always be the bigger person. Always be kind even if others are not.” Sylvia continued to state, “There is not one most important characteristic, but many. Determination, positivity, and kindness get you very far in life. As long as you are kind and determined, you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish.” 


    Julia Walters, the daughter of Katie and Jacob Walters, credits her parents for her character. “My parents have influenced me to exhibit the ABC characteristics because they are the most determined, resilient, and empathetic people I know. They push each other and their children so that they may be the best they can be.” Due to their influence, Julia believes empathy is essential. “I believe that empathy is the most important characteristic to exhibit because the world is not black and white. Empathy allows us to experience life from another’s perspective.”


    Daniel Scott, the son of Deborah and Randy Scott, stated, “The two people who have truly helped shape my behavior and character are my parents. My father’s drive to constantly put his best foot forward in any situation he found himself in showed me the importance of striving for excellence, no matter the task. My mother’s ability to push through whatever horrible circumstances life puts her in has given me an incredible model of strength and resiliency, in the face of adversity. And both of my parents always educated me on the importance of how my actions impact my own future, and intern the lives of others. Always Making sure that I try my best to ensure a good future for myself and those around me.” Due to their influence, resiliency is something that Daniel feels is important. “Being resilient means you are able to overcome all the obstacles that come your way and show that you are a strong-willed person, which is something that will aid you in every aspect of your life.”

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    Luis Adame-Diego, the son of Maria Mendez and Jose Adame, credits his parents for his character. “My parents have played the role of teachers outside school. They have instilled values in me to make me strong and resilient, always aspiring for excellence. Thanks to them I’ll stay focused and committed to my future.” Luis stated, “Resiliency and honesty are characteristics that lead to a trustworthy individual. Trustworthiness is a value that a heavily weighs in our society, because in order to be trustworthy, you need to receive a good education in and out of school where you are taught many other values while you learn how to be a trustworthy person. In summary, trustworthiness is the most important characteristic because it encapsulates many other values.”