• The McKenzie County Public School District #1 has seen its share of challenges that have required planning and efforts to meet those challenges and to ensure high quality of education and facility planning while maintaining fiscal responsibility and efficiency at all levels.  The school district has been engaged in various levels of planning in terms of short and long term financial and facility planning since 2010 and also provides open meetings every other year to share the 3-5 year plans with the public.  With the exponential growth that has occurred since 2010 and the many changes in our configuration and staffing; planning has become an essential practice to ensure sound decision making and to meet the needs of the present and the future.  The RSP and Associations demographic study discussed last month is an example of such planning that has been beneficial to the school district and community to this point. 

    The school district has recently initiated a formal strategic planning process that will align previous planning and revisit plans that have been in place for 5+ years.  This is the first time the school district has had a third party facilitate the process and involve an extensive committee to provide input and direction into the new plan.  Schatz and Associates, housed out of Fargo, will be facilitating the plan and has worked with several school districts across the state and our region.  The committee is comprised of approximately 25 stakeholders that include administrators, teachers, school board members, parents, community partners, community leadership, and students.  The varied demographic of community members is to ensure a variety of perspectives are present in the process to ensure the vision for the future reflects expectations of families and the community itself.  The school district will participate in 5 meetings to establish the plan and eventually present to the school board for approval.  The final meeting is scheduled for May, 2021 and will likely be brought to the school board approval in June. 

    The plan addresses the school district mission/vision and belief statements to ensure relevancy and alignment to current goals and initiatives.  The strategic plan will essentially provide a “roadmap” to the school board and administration in its decision making and resource allocation in meeting the needs of students and to ensure investments of resources.  As our school district has grown, so has the opportunities available to our students and the community.   The support of our community and the collaboration that has taken place in the past has been an essential element of success and working through the various challenges; maintaining those relationships and alignment of goals and vision is very important as we work forward in our next 5-year plan. 

    The plan and supporting documents will be available on our school district website when the plan is eventually approved by the school board.  We encourage patrons to review the documents and provide input as to the plan and its established vision.  Our challenges in curriculum and meeting the needs of students preparing for their adult lives is very important to us and we hope the plan helps to align our mission to ensure the best possible outcome – a world class education for our students.  Any feedback or input is appreciated and can be provided at the District Office or via email provided on the website. 

    Thank you again for all your support of the school district and its mission to educate students and provide value to the community.  Your continued support is a major component of our future success.

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