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Weather appropriate dress/Winter weather gear

With the colder temperatures moving into North Dakota and winter fast approaching, we want to make sure students are being sent to school with weather appropriate clothing on at this time and that they have their winter gear ready for when winter arrives as they will continue to go outside for recess.

Below is our policy on recess and winter weather gear:

Please make sure you are sending your students to school with winter gear. Students are encouraged to have snow boots, snow pants, a snow jacket, gloves, scarves and hats. Outdoor recesses will continue until the Principal determines otherwise. The usual guideline for cold weather is Zero-Degrees without a wind-chill, and Negative-Ten with a wind-chill. The student will be allowed to stay indoors for recess only with the approval of the building administration.

If you need assistance with winter gear, please see our Family Facilitator (Breanna Pacheco) or our office staff.

If you have extra winter gear that you no longer need and would like to donate to the school, you can bring any winter items you have to the secretaries at the schools. They will get them to the appropriate place so that they can be provided to students who are sent to school without warm winter gear.